Vision & Misson


To become the center of excellence and leading contributor in education and research for public healthcare and promote excellent standards of pharmacy education amongst socially, educationally and economically weaker sections of society.


To provide high quality knowledge and skill based training to develop globally competent pharmacy professionals.



  • To teach the students the fundamental knowledge and abilities necessary for a foundational grasp of the pharmacy profession.
  • To encourage variety, openness, fairness, and academic freedom.
  • Through research, contribute to the advancement of knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences and practice.
  • To provide patients with ethical healthcare and service while maintaining the greatest level of responsibility to oneself and the community.

Quality Policy

  • Instill a disciplined work culture in the faculty and students.
  • Implementing well a planned academic calendar and assessment 
  • Creating a welcoming and democratic academic and working environment for  faculty, staff, and 
  • The emphasis is on overall personality development via various approaches to improve learning abilities and a positive attitude.
  • Instilling human values and empathy for advancement in professional and personal life.
  • Encouraging the students to participate in and organising the various  events related to the profession.
  • The promotion of Team Spirit amongst staff and students

Program Education Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO 1

                  To develop competent pharmacy graduates by structured teaching learning process through dedicated and devoted faculty.

  • PEO 2

                  To develop technically sound pharmacy professionals with a competent approach to cater the needs of the society and pharmaceutical industries.

  • PEO 3

                  To inculcate in students confidence, planning abilities, leadership qualities, teamwork, and communication skills to emerge as compassionate pharmacy professionals.

  • PEO 4

                To emphasize social responsibility, integrity and ethical aspects to serve the society at large and health care system in particular.

  • PEO 5

              To inspire the graduates for higher education, research or entrepreneurship and life-long learning in the context of technological advancement.


The Graduate shall be able to:

  • PO1Domain Knowledge: Demonstrate comprehension of basic principles of pharmaceutical and allied sciences in all pertinent scenarios. Exhibit skills associated with the profession of pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturing practices and quality control.
  • PO2Problem analysis: Use domain knowledge, analytical and critical thinking for solving problems and taking decisions during everyday practice in profession, industry and all work environment.
  • PO3Research and Development: Exhibit knowledge from his major domain in problem identification, critical thinking, analysis and providinng solutions to pharmaceutical and allied technology disciplines.
  • PO4Modern tools usage: Demonstrate an ability to handle/use various tools, apparatus, instrument, equipment or machinery pertinent to the pharmaceutical domain with practical knowledge on standard operating procedures and safety aspects.
  • PO5The Pharmacist and Society: Use contextual knowledge – informed reasoning to understand medical prescription, perform patient counseling. Recognize the necessity to engage in independent and life-long learning.
  • PO6Environment and sustainability: Demonstrate knowledge and responsibility while handling pharmaceutical techniques/ processes that have social and environmental impacts and promote sustainable development.
  • PO7Ethics: Demonstrate exemplary professional, ethical, and legal behaviors in accordance with all drug, pharmaceutical, and pharmacy-related central, state laws and regulations.
  • PO8Individual and Team skills: Function effectively as an individual member or leader in different teams and multidisciplinary settings. Assume a participatory or lead role in an organization’s planning and execution of transformational projects to enhance its prospects.
  • PO9Communication: Communicate effectively with the pharmaceutical scientific community, workforce and with society at large, with abilities to comprehend and write effective reports, make effective presentations and documentation.
  • PO10. Project management abilities: Demonstrate effective delegation and organizational skills. Organize work with necessary planning and execution to meet deadlines. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of pharmaceutical, legal processes and apply them in project management.