Research Activities

Research and Development Cell


The institute has its Research and Development (R & D) cell through which the research activities of the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in pharmacy are carried out.
Composition of Research and Development Cell

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation
1.        Dr. Kiran Sanjay Bhise , Principal & Professor Chairman
2.        Dr. Ziya Ur Rehman, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology R & D Coordinator
3.        Dr. Anwar Shaikh , Professor, Department of Pharm Chemistry Member

The objectives of the R and D cell include :

  • To promote and facilitate research activities amongst the faculty and students
  • To foster an environment conducive for research.
  • To encourage faculty and students to participate in research projects to improve their technical skills and knowledge.
  • To assist faculty in obtaining research grants from various funding bodies.

Highlights of the R & D Cell

  • Approved Research Center for M. Pharm and Ph. D by the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU)
  • Two faculty members approved as Ph. D Guides
  • Seven faculty members approved as PG Guide
  • Five faculty members are registered for Ph. D
  • 06 MOUs with research organizations /Skill development institutes
  • Total grants of 96 lacs through funded research projects.
  • Completed 20 SPPU sponsored minor research projects worth Rs. 41 lacs –
  • Received Rs 55.97 lacs for major research projects funded by Ministry of AYUSH.
  • Received Rs 10 lacs /- as Seminar Grants from AICTE and SPPU
  • Total No. of Faculty and students Research publications: 300
  • Filed 5 Indian patents.
  • Research paper with highest Impact factor of 4.074, 200+ Publications are Indexed in Scopus and 100+ Citations ( Ref. Google Scholar )
  • Total No. of Faculty and students Presentations: 200
  • Total No. of National/ International conferences/ Workshops/ Symposia attended by faculty and students: 250
  • Books /Book Chapters/ Monographs in Books: 12
  • Availability of sophisticated instruments like HPLC, UV spectrophotometer, FTIR, Spray dryer, Extrusion Spheronizer , Lyophilizer, Rheometer, Probe sonicator, etc.
  • Access to Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation facility in various national laboratories
  • CPCSEA Approved Animal House facility.

Joint Collaborative Research Projects

The institute has Research collaboration with various research and pharmaceutical industries like Bioera Life sciences, ISTRA Azam campus, Unani medical college Azam campus through the research projects, are focusing on the area Development and Standardization of novel Unani formulations and Anti cancer activities of new drugs.

Major Joint Collaborations and Outcomes

Sr. No. Name of the collaborating agency Outcome
1 ISTRA Azam campus Two students who had training under ISTRA were recommended for PhD fellowship and have completed their degrees successfully at Wayne State University USA.
    Research Projects
    Laboratory training on Molecular biology for the students working on collaborative projects
    Infrastructural and Instrumental support
2 Influx nutraceuticals, Palghar Industrial projects for M.Pharm students
    Industrial visits
3 Bioera Life science Pune Industrial Visit for students
4 Rahul Phate’s Mrunalini Herbals, Nasik Consultancy offered by one of the faculty member
5 MMERC Unani Medical College Azam Campus Collaborative projects ; two have been completed successfully, one ongoing
6 Patlex Business Solutions Indian Patent Filing. Two patents have been filed in March,2017., 
Kiran Bhise, Shadab Khan, Anjum Patel ; Solid Lipid Nanoparticle composition comprising Metformin and Pomegranate peel extract for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus type II. , 
Kiran Bhise, Anjum Patel , Shadab Khan; Solid Lipid Nanoparticle composition comprising Fenofibrate and Pomegranate peel extract for the treatment of hyperlipidemia

Participation of Faculty in Funded Research Projects

The institute has undertaken two Major Research Projects funded by Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi. Seminar grant: Has applied to AICTE for RPS schemes and MODROB in 2017. The institute has also received Research Grants from BCUD, University of Pune for undertaking research projects in various domains .

Major Research Projects Sanctioned to Faculty

Name of Professor Department Topic of research Amount sanctioned(Rs) Funding Agency Year of Sanction
Dr Kiran Bhise Pharmaceutics Unani Antipsoriatic Topical Nano Particulate Drug Delivery Systems 35.96 lakhs EMR Scheme Of Ministry Of AYUSH 2016
Ruksana Rub Pharmacognosy Comparative evaluation and synergism in hypoglycemic activity of Cichorium intybus Linn and Swertia Chirata Buch 20 lakhs EMR Scheme Of Ministry Of AYUSH 2011

Minor Research Projects Sanctioned to Faculty

Name of Professor Department Topic of research Amount Sanctioned(Rs) Funding Agency Year of  Sanction
Dr Kiran S Bhise Pharmaceutics Formulation and evaluation of herbal antidandruff gels 2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2008
Dr. Nazma Inamdar Pharmaceutical Chemistry Synthesis of modified chitosans and their applicability in drug delivery:  2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2008
Mrs Ruksana Abdul Rub Pharmacognosy Evaluation of anticancer activity:  2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2010
Mr  Jitendra Kandale Pharmacognosy Standardization of traditional drugs  150000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2010
Mrs  Rashmi Tambe Pharmacognosy Herbal  drug development 2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2010
Mrs Smita Thube Pharmacognosy Formulation of topical antiacne product: 2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2010
Dr.Rahul Thube Pharmaceutics Development of novel excipients 150000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2010
Mrs Maushumi Kulkarni Pharmaceutics Particulate transdermal drug delivery systems 2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2010
Mrs Kirti Jahagirdar Pharmaceutics Improvement of solubility of poorly water soluble drugs by Nanomilling 2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2010
Ms Vrushali Sannapuri Pharmacology Antiinflammatory , analgesic and antiarthritic evaluation of Quirivelia Furitescence: 2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2010
Dr. Zia ur Rehman Pharmacology Studies of CNS activity of few drugs 2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2010
Dr. Kiran S. Bhise Pharmaceutics Anti-Cancer Lipid Based Drug Delivery System 3,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2012
Ms. Prajakta Jagtap Pharmaceutics Formulation & Evaluation of Solubility Modulated  Osmotic Pump Tablet 2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2012
Mr. Dilnawaz Pathan Pharmaceutics Formulation & Development of Gastroretentive drug  delivery system 2,00,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2012
Ms. Samreen  Shaikh Pharmaceutical Chemistry Derivatization of psyllium husk polysaccharide and its application in drug delivery system 2,25,000/- BCUD, University of Pune 2012
Mrs. Nazma Inamdar Pharmaceutical Chemistry Chitooligosaccharide & its derivatives synthesis & development of Pharmaceutical applications 2,70,000/- BCUD, SPPU 2013
Mrs. Amruta Yadhav Pharmacology To evaluate effed of plumier rubral on experimentally included diabetic nephropathy in laboratory animals. 2,75,000/- BCUD, 2013
Mrs.Rani Potawale Pharmaceutical Chemistry Statergies for chromatographic method development of pharmaceutical and herbal dosage forms 1,80,000/- BCUD, 2013
Mrs. Kanchan Chauhan Pharmaceutical Chemistry Isolation and Identification of impurities in diocesan 1,90,000/- BCUD, 2013
Dr Kiran Bhise Pharmaceutics Nano curcumin loaded lipid based vaginal pessaries in the treatment of cervical cancer 1,80,000/- BCUD, 2016

Consultancy and Training Activities provided

The institute encourages the faculty members to provide their expertise consultancy with various academic institutes and industries in areas of Formulation and Development.

Development of Skill-Based Training Modules

The faculty of the institute have designed on whatsapp and is undertaking Training module in the area of Training in Structural Elucidation of Organic molecules. The institute also provides training on “Soft Skill Enhancement” to students to develop their communication and presentation skills. The sessions also help the students to acquire effective inter personal skills, team management, and leadership skills.

MOU’s with various organizations

The institute has signed MOU’s with various organizations like m-WoodPeckor, Influx nutraceuticals, Bioera Life sciences, IPER, Maharashtra Council for Enterpreunership Development(MCED), Patlex Business Solutions. The scope of the MOU’s include exchange of Technical know-how, conduct of joint collaborative research projects, joint venture for meetings, symposia and workshops, organizing short term certificate courses and training programmes, usage of instrumental and library facilities and increasing the industry-academia interactions.


To help the students to comprehend the current expectation of the pharmaceutical industry, the institute organizes Workshops and seminars in collaboration with various research organizations and industries. These sessions provide practical hands-on training of sophisticated processes and instruments and equip students with the required technical skills to cater to the professional needs.

Publications /Presentations/Seminars, Workshops, Conferences attended by Faculty

The faculty has published their research work in various National and International journals of repute. The faculties are also motivated to participate in various International and National Workshops/Symposia and present their research work.